Puerto Rico's Top 3 Wellness Getaways

Escape to paradise and rejuvenate your body and mind with our guide to Puerto Rico’s top five wellness getaways.

Puerto Rico offers something for everyone, whether you are a beach lover or prefer to restore your body and mind in the rainforests.

Whether you seek relaxation on pristine beaches, yoga and meditation in the rainforests, or cultural experiences that nurture your soul, Puerto Rico offers it all. 

The island’s rich culinary scene embraces fresh, locally sourced ingredients, providing a wholistic approach to nourishing your body.

At the Wellness Concierge, we love Puerto Rico and some of us are based here! Fun fact: Puerto Rico is an archipelago made up of different islands, not just one!

These islands in the Caribbean Sea are a haven for wellness getaways, known for their luxury spas, farm-to-table dining, and restorative activities surrounded by resplendent natural beauty.

Here are our top picks for where to stay on your wellness getaway to the islands:

Monte Carpe Diem – Closest to San Juan for a quick getaway

El Pretexto – Best for foodies

Finca Victoria – Best for groups and amenities


Monte Carpe Diem is a hidden gem nestled in the mountains of Puerto Rico.

One of the best parts about this paradise is that there are only three available spaces to stay, so you will never feel crowded and always get first class service.

This eco-conscious retreat offers a tranquil oasis for those seeking a unique and immersive wellness experience in Puerto Rico

Where is Monte Carpe Diem?

When you’re seeking serenity without straying far from the city, Monte Carpe Diem is your perfect sanctuary. Just a stone’s throw away from bustling San Juan, this tranquil hideaway offers a balance of accessibility and tranquility. 

Located in Bayamon, despite its proximity to the city, it offers a sense of remoteness, serenely nestled in the rolling hills of Puerto Rico’s northern coast. 

The Amenities

Book a massage in the rainforest during your stay at Monte Carpe Diem.

Personalized service is one of the top highlights about staying at Monte Carpe Diem. “Design your stay at Mont Carpe Diem tailored exactly to your liking. ” is how they describe their amenities.

Experience the forest with no overcrowding (only 3 cabins), and swim in a saltwater semi-Olympic pool to cool off between wellness experiences.

There is a prices list on their website that can get you started with some ideas: 

Guided walks & exercises (in and out of the pool)

Organic food & fruit beverages

Room service

Transportation from the airport & back

Things to do in the area

Charco Prieto
  1. Charco Prieto is one of the higher waterfalls in Puerto Rico that you can hike to, and its right nearby Monte Carpe Diem. The hike does require some time and a bit of agility, so read up on it here and plan accordingly!
  2. Explore the lush El Yunque National Forest: Hike up to cascading waterfalls, indulge yourself in bird-watching or simply enjoy the magnificent views.
  3. Visit nearby beaches: Take a short drive to Dorado Beach or Balneario Cerro Gordo, both offering  sandy coastlines and crystalline waters.
  4. Sample San Juan’s cuisine: Venture into the city for a taste of Puerto Rico’s vibrant culinary scene.
  5. Visit the Coamo Hot Springs: Legend has it that this is the original location of the fountain of youth. Find out for yourself for less than $5 entry fee. Read more here >>

Booking & Directions

Booking your perfect retreat at Monte Carpe Diem can be made thorough their official website.

For the best experience, consider a midweek stay when the city crowd is at bay, granting you a truly tranquil respite. 

2. El Pretexto - Best for foodies


If you define a good holiday by the incredible food you get to taste, then El Pretexto is your wellness getaway oasis.

Perched in the mountains, this woman owned getaway combines the best in local cuisine with indulgent comforts. 

Additionally, it boasts being the first culinary farm lodge in Puerto Rico.

Where is El Pretexto?

El Pretexto is located in the verdant mountains of Cayey, a charming town in central Puerto Rico. It’s a quick, scenic hour’s drive away from San Juan, offering tranquility and escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. 

The Amenities

The rooms in this culinary farm lodge are exquisitely decorated, keeping the comfort and tranquility of guests in mind. Here’s an overview of the amenities: 

  • Farm-to-table meals made from fresh produce raised right on the farm.
  • Private terraces to enjoy the stunning views of the countryside.
  • Wi-Fi, though we suspect you’ll be too immersed in the experience to need it!

Things to do in the area

Carite Forest Waterfall

Curated week of food experiences organized by the founder of El Pretexto are the star of the show.

Crystal Díaz’s thoughtfully organized, deeply rewarding, utterly unique itineraries allow visitors to explore the Island’s foodways from field to fork, while meeting some of Puerto Rico’s best chefs and food producers, and dining in some of the top restaurants. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity not to be missed.”

– Nevin Martell, Food and Travel Writer

But don’t forget, you are in a lush Caribbean island surrounded by the beauty of nature. Nearby, you can explore the Carite forest and explore by hiking, bird watching, and visiting some of Puerto Rico’s best waterfalls.

Booking & Directions

Tempted by the lure of tantalizing local flavors and serene countryside views? You can make your bookings directly on the El Pretexto website. Packages vary from single-night stays to weekend getaways, offering a variety of immersive culinary experiences. You’ll want to book in advance though—the intimate setting caters to a limited number of guests at a time.

The space can also be reserved for private events and weddings.

3. Finca Victoria


Finca Victoria is a bohemian sanctuary on the island of Vieques off Puerto Rico’s eastern coast.

This stay offers a full spa, Ayurvedic treatments, and imaginative vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Explore the world’s brightest Bioluminescent Bay and lounge on the Caribbean’s most stunning beaches as compliments to your trip to the island of Vieques.

Where is Finca Victoria?

Finca Victoria retreat is a sanctuary nestled in the quaint island of Vieques, located off the eastern coast of Puerto Rico.

Accessible by ferry or a short flight from the mainland, it’s a perfect location for those seeking tranquility away from crowded tourist zones. 

The Amenities

Finca Victoria has a full spa, along with ayurvedic meals and treatments, acupuncture, western massage, medicinal herbal baths,  and yoga classes.

The guesthouse boasts beautifully curated suites and cabins with distinctive bohemian aesthetics. Savor healthy meals prepared with organic, locally sourced ingredients at their on-site café serving imaginative vegetarian and vegan dishes. 

Things to do in the area

  • If you’re an avid nature lover, explore the Bioluminescent Bay— one of the brightest in the world.
  • Lounge on some of the Caribbean’s most stunning beaches like Sun Bay and Navio Beach.
  • Gratify your adventurous spirit by exploring historical sites such as Fuerte Conde de Mirasol Fort, the island’s only surviving Spanish fort.
  • Go for an adventure on horseback with Jurotungo tours.

Booking & Directions

To secure your booking at Finca Victoria, visit their official website

Early reservations are recommended, as well as securing your transportation to Vieques either by air from San Juan international airport or ferry, leaving from the main island.

The ferry terminal is a little over an hours drive from San Juan, and you can leave your rental car in the lot for a daily fee while you stay on Vieques.


Final Thoughts

Whether you’re drawn to the tranquility of the rainforests, the allure of pristine beaches, or the cultural richness of the islands, Puerto Rico offers a diverse tapestry of experiences for wellness seekers.

Monte Carpe Diem, nestled in the mountains of Bayamón, provides an exclusive and eco-conscious retreat. With only three available spaces, personalized service, and a saltwater semi-Olympic pool, it promises a serene escape just a stone’s throw away from San Juan. Embrace the lush surroundings with guided walks, organic food, and excursions to nearby attractions like Charco Prieto and El Yunque National Forest.

For the culinary enthusiasts, El Pretexto in Cayey stands out as the first culinary farm lodge in Puerto Rico. This woman-owned getaway combines exquisite decor with farm-to-table meals, offering an immersive experience in the heart of nature. Explore the Carite Forest, enjoy curated food experiences, and unwind in the tranquility of the countryside.

On the island of Vieques, Finca Victoria awaits, a sanctuary accessible by ferry or a short flight from the mainland. This retreat offers a full spa, ayurvedic treatments, and distinctive bohemian aesthetics. Indulge in healthy meals, explore the Bioluminescent Bay, lounge on stunning beaches, and embrace the adventurous spirit with horseback tours.

As you plan your wellness escape, consider the unique offerings of each retreat and make early reservations to secure your spot. Whether seeking solitude, culinary delights, or holistic rejuvenation, Puerto Rico’s wellness getaways beckon with open arms. Let the natural beauty and warm hospitality of these islands elevate your well-being to new heights.

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